Before there was VALUEx. Before there was the Zurich Project. Before all of those things, there was: Ciccio and the Value Investing Seminar.
The best of Italy. The best people. The best ideas. The best period.
It was through this seminar that I originally met many of my life-long friends in investing - including Vitaliy Katsenelson, Josh Tarasoff and bunch of others. Early attendees would have gotten to hangout with Monish, people from Robotti & Company. Francisco Garcia Parames and others.
The original. The best.
Ciccio I will do the best to make it.
If uou are reading this post, you should consider attending as well.
It may well change your life.

Guy Spier
Aquamarine Fund
Well done Ciccio and thx a lot, I found great ideas at your seminars, some multiple baggers!

Francois Badelon
Amiral Gestion
I loved attending the Value Investing Seminar at Trani in 2015 and found it extremely useful.  The whole event was professionally run, had a diverse attendance and some stimulating presentations.  All in all, a must visit for anyone with a keen interest in value investing.

Ramanathan Puthucode
Corrosion Technology Services LLC - Dubai
I was pleased to attend V.I.S. in 2015, and I am looking forward to attending again this year.  I got some specific investing ideas last year, but more importantly I gained insight into the thought processes of some of the world's best value investors.  The seminar was well organised and friendly, and the surroundings are very pleasant indeed.

Michael Vitale
Treasurer, Melbourne Angels - Melbourne, Australia
The Value Investing Seminar is great! I only regret that I missed the first several years before I found out about it.

Daniel Gladiš
Vltava Fund SICAV, Plc. - Malta
"The Value Investing Seminar is a wonderful event to meet investors from around the world and hear their best ideas.  A big thank you to Ciccio and his team!"

Oliver Mihaljevic
Managing Director, The Manual of Ideas - UK
The value investing seminar is the “fat pitch” that you’ve been waiting for. Great hosts, a picturesque setting, smart and passionate investors, and a mission of fostering the open sharing of ideas and insights combine to make an exceptional experience, personally and professionally. It has become a fixture on my calendar every year.

Joel Cohen
MIT Investment Management Company - USA
Great ideas, great people, great food and a great location! 

Tim McElvaine
McElvaine Investment Mgmt Ltd - CANADA
“Where else can you spend two days on the beautiful coast of Southern Italy sharing ideas with an intimate group of the world’s most intelligent, like-minded investors? Ciccio and his team make you feel like a part of their family.  I would encourage any passionate value investor to attend this one of a kind event.”

David Kessler
Research Analyst, Robotti & Company - USA
"I sincerely enjoyed my time in Italy. Ciccio and his team were most gracious in their hospitality and I got to meet a variety of very interesting investors. I only wish that I could have stayed in Italy with Ciccio longer!"

Sean Riskowitz
Riskowitz Capital Management LLC - USA
"The Value Investing Seminar is a gem among conferences. Large enough to bring together a diverse group of interesting people from around the world, and small enough to allow for intimate, informal exchanges, the Seminar offers a perfect environment for sharing ideas and forging new connections. With grace, warmth, and hospitality, Ciccio Azzolini and his splendid team have created a community built around investing - one where lively investment discussion is infused with a feeling of family - and I am delighted to have been a part of it."

James Basili
Blacktree Capital Management - USA
“I do not think it would be overly aggressive to state that the VIS truly qualifies as “the value investor oasis”. You meet humble, very smart people. They candidly expose, with great detail, dozens of investment ideas from all over the world, all worth investigating. The place can not be nicer and the weather is perfect. When walking around Trani at night, after the first day’s sessions, I said to myself “ I could perfectly spend a whole month here at the VIS and still enjoy and actually profit from it…It is a no-brainer.

Alvaro Guzman de Lazaro
Bestinver - SPAIN
“This Value Investing Seminar is the very best one offered between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Ben Graham would be proud!”

Mohnish Pabrai
Managing Partner, Pabrai Investment Funds - USA
 “The ingredients for a great conference are simple: Smart presenters, an atmosphere devoted to sharing ideas, and a great location. The Value Investing Seminar has all three, with the added bonus of warm and welcoming hosts. You’re missing a treat if you don’t come"

Pat Dorsey
Director of Equity Research, Morningstar - USA
Of all the seminars in which I participate, VIS provides the best combination of outstanding presenters and access to them in an informal environment. The hospitality of our Italian hosts in Molfetta, starting with Ciccio and his family, is extraordinary. I very much recommend participation.”

Dan Anglin
Prince Henry Navigator Funds I, II, and III - USA
"The Molfetta value conference has become a regular annual event for me great speakers, great participants and great organization in a fine location in apulia and a wonderful sunny climate see you next year".

Norman Rentrop
Rentrop investment office, Bonn - GERMANY
The Value Investing Seminar is among the world's greatest value conferences.  While most other investment events tend to be "dog and pony" shows, the VIS instead offers a humble, informal setting with high quality people, ideas, and presentations - all while raising funds for a wonderful charity.

Omar Musa
Perea Capital, USA
The Value Investing Seminar in Italy was a fantastic event. In two days of presentations, we learned directly from some of the worlds top value investors. Global value investors looking for actionable ideas, frameworks for global investing, and lots of networking with peers should definitely attend.

Ori Eyal
Portfolio Manager, Emerging Value Capital Management - Zurich
"Thank you Whitney and Ciccio - for the invitation, inspiration and arranging a great group of interesting and varied speakers (and all for a very worthy cause)."

Don Fitzgerald, CFA
Fund Manager, European Equities, Tocqueville Finance S.A. - FRANCE
The Value Investing Seminar in Trani, Italy, is a one-of-a-kind event for capital allocators worldwide. I had the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with top investors from around the globe. The event's informal and intimate atmosphere lends itself to great networking. There is really nothing else like it.

Marcelo P. Lima
Heller House -   USA
“The conference is an excellent gathering for investors and asset managers with a keen interest in learning from and contributing to the value investing community. I have learned from a diverse set of speakers who cover different global topics. Besides the presentations, there are plenty of opportunities to broaden your network and to meet investors from all over the world. The sunny and intimate town of Trani offers the perfect setting for an intense and rewarding 2 days of learning."

Naard Broeckaert
Torrebos Consult - BELGIUM
"Ciccio Azzolini and his team have built the Value Investing Seminar in the last couple of years into the premier event for value investors in Europe! An excellent, well organized conference with great speakers and lots of opportunities to expand your personal value investing knowledge and network."

Alex Pichler
Pichler Investments GmbH - Srl - City Center, Bolzano - ITALY
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