Jens Moestrup Rasmussen

Jens Moestrup Rasmussen Chief Portfolio Manager, Head of Sparinvest Value Equities team with more than 23 years of financial market experience. Rasmussen was born in Copenhagen in 1967. He joined Sparinvest in 1997, as an equity analyst and founding member of the Value Equity Team, and introducing value investing into the Danish mutual fund market under the motto “investing for the long term in a short term world”. In 2001 he was promoted to lead portfolio manager of the Sparinvest Global Value fund, and was also appointed Head of Equities. From 1991 to 1997 - prior to joining Sparinvest - Rasmussen had served with KOB (now Experian), the leading Danish credit rating agency, producing credit updates and industry reports. Rasmussen holds a Masterís degree in Economics from the University of Copenhagen.

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