Charles M. Gillman

Charles M. Gillman Mr. Charles Gillman is the head of the IDWR Multi-Family Office. The office employs a team of analysts with an expertise in finding publicly-traded companies that require operational enhancement and an improvement in corporate capital allocation. Mr. Gillman’s mandate is Constructive Value Creation. His team has had many years of experience working together to invest family-office capital into publicly-traded companies. Often these investments have come alongside changes in the Board of Directors of the publicly-traded companies. His organization evolved from experience in the 1990’s designing operational turnarounds of US and International companies while at McKinsey and Company. Mr. Gillman’s clients at McKinsey benefitted from specific measures taken to improve working-capital turnover and grow those operating units that had the highest return on invested capital while shrinking those operating units that had negative returns on invested capital. 13D Groups formed by Mr. Gillman often constitute the largest or second largest shareholder in the companies that he invests in. His enhancements to Boards of Directors generally are endorsed by multiple proxy advisory services. Mr. Gillman is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of the Wharton School and a Director of the Penn Club of New York which serves as the Manhattan home of the Wharton and Penn alumni community.

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