Francisco García Paramès

Francisco García Paramès Francisco was born in Spain in 1963. After obtaining his MBA at IESE (in 1989), he joined Bestinver, and following 2 years as an analyst of Spanish stocks, he began to manage portfolios and funds. His career as an investment manager can be readily summarized by examining the yield obtained by his Spanish equity funds: 15.7% per annum in the period January 1993 – September 2014, equivalent to an accumulated increase of 2,279.2%, compared to 410% obtained by the reference index (IGBM, Madrid Stock Market General Index). In 1997, he also began to manage an International portfolio, achieving leading positions in the market of foreign funds sold in Spain, with an accumulated yield from January 1998 to September 2014 of 437.5% (10.58% Annual Average Return) versus 2.9% obtained by the reference index, the MSCI World Index. He is at present waiting for the Spanish regulator to authorize the launch of a newly created asset management firm from where he will launch different funds under his unique value investment process

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