Norman Rentrop
Rentrop Family Office, Germany

Norman Rentrop The money comes from professional publishing (for German, Austrian, Swiss, British, Polish and Romanian business owners; paid advisory newsletters and services everything from starting the business to managing, labour law for employers, taxation, social security to wealth and health). The publishing companies are run by his son Richard. Norman Rentrop bought his first stock at the age of 10 and attended his first annual shareholder meeting (with 4 shares by then) at a chocolate factory in neighbouring Cologne, Germany. The CEO and majority shareholder Hans Imhoff was as great a storyteller as Warren Buffett is today. Norman understood and liked what he heard.
He liked even more that he could eat as many chocolates as he wanted and felt treated very well as a minority shareholder. Investing all the profits from the publishing business in stocks of great companies he started his family office back in 1998 and out of that his own fund management company Investmentaktiengesellschaft fuer langfristige Investoren TGV (investmentcorporation for longterm investors) that manages money for 5 members of his family and for 224 members of other business owner families. oth he feels is important. As family you think next generation very longterm.
As business owners you know that there are fat years and there are meager years. Both are fine as long as you are earning an adequate risk premium for riding the ups and downs (market risk or equity risk premium).
Back in 1989 he read a book by John Train: “The Money Masters” and he was intrigued by the chapter on Warren Buffett that reminded him a lot on what his grandfather, his father, his uncle had taught him about investing (seeing a share as a piece of a real existing business). He bought his first share in Berkshire Hathaway in 1992 at 12.000 $ and since 1997 you can meet him almost every year in Omaha at the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholder meeting.
Norman does invest worldwide into all caps.

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