Álvaro Guzmán de Lázaro Mateos

Álvaro Guzmán de Lázaro Mateos Guzmán de Lázaro is Chief Investment Officer and Partner of azValor Asset ManagementBorn in 1975, he began his career in 1994 as an auditor for Arthur Andersen (Madrid), while on a six-month placement. He continued his career at Bankers Trust in Paris, where he eventually became manager of the middle office at the tender age of 21.In 1997, he started as a stock market analyst at a Frankfurt fund management company (Value Management) founded by a former employee of the legendary Peter Lynch. During this period, he studied and applied the value investing style of Ben Graham, Philip Fisher, Warren Buffet, and Peter Lynch. Subsequently, he returned to Spain where he began managing portfolios for high net-worth families and worked as a Spanish stock analyst at broker Beta Capital. In March 2003, he joined Bestinver, leaving the firm in 2014. He took a double French/Spanish university entrance exam, earned an MA in European Business Studies, and a Law degree from the UNED (Spanish open university). He became a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA, AIMR) in 2001. Alvaro speaks Spanish, French, English and German. In 1999, he became a professor of fundamental analysis at the Spanish Institute of Financial Analysts (IEAF) and at the IEB.

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