Danilo Santiago
Rational Investment Methodology, USA

Danilo Santiago Mr. Danilo Santiago is the founder of Rational Investment Methodology [RIM], that focuses on a quasi-static group of approximately 60 publicly traded, liquid US stocks - most of these companies, defined as RIM’s Circle of Competence [CofC], have been followed for more than a decade.
RIM employs extensive industry research and analysis, building highly detailed proprietary discounted-dividend models, which are used to determine “fair values” of companies based on different scenarios. Lastly, RIM constructs “rules-based” model portfolios (long-short, long-only or long- aggressive) with a company-specific margin of safety relative to “fair value”, using its proprietary Odysseus Portfolio Construction Tool. Selected model portfolios are replicated into clients’ accounts, using Interactive Brokers’ platform, adjusting the number of shares in each client’s portfolio in a pari-passu manner.
Mr. Santiago is a MBA from Columbia University and has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of São Paulo.

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