Stanislav Lopata
Mawer Resarch Group, Canada

Stanislav Lopata Stanislav Lopata is a member of the Mawer investment team. Mawer is a Canadian-based investment firm, focusing on global equities and bonds, investing on behalf of sovereign-wealth, institution and individual clients. Mawer has had 99% client retention rate over past two decades, consistently won industry awards, and grew assets under management from <$1 bn in late 1990s to $50 bn currently. Investment philosophy focuses on moaty business models,
competent and trustworthy managers, and paying a reasonable price with a 5-10+ year time horizon.
Stanislav has worked on the Canadian, US, EAFE and Global equities teams during his ten year tenure with Mawer, is on the hiring team for Mawer Research group, and is a partner of the firm.

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