Fred Trigueiro
Archipelago Partner - Brazil

Fred Trigueiro 74% long-term investor, 32% board advisor, 24% portfolio manager, 21% business consultant, 18% entrepreneur. The math doesn't add up, the ratios change every day, and the variables don't really capture who I am. A qualitative business-oriented long-term investor of sorts?
My main job is to figure out a few very important things that people (market and business agents) might be missing or overlooking so I can either: a) exploit these misunderstandings investment-wise, or b) help people and companies I care about to have a better grasp about where they really stand, raise their standards and achieve more with less risk. The more I help, the more I learn.
I tend to find most opportunities by paying attention to qualitative (implicit, indirect and intangible) attributes and leading long-term indicators/evidence that financial models can't capture and market players don’t have the incentives/mindset/frameworks to even consider in their analysis. Over the long-term, the reinvestment dynamics and the coping/adapting capabilities of the businesses and people of invested companies are crucial. Most things change. And capital does not allocate itself. People do.
I am a Brazil-based investor, founder of Archipelago Partners and Chairman of Grupo Malwee, a family business in the apparel sector.
I was a partner of Investidor Profissional (now IP Capital) from 2004 to 2011, where I was head of research and portfolio manager of IP Global funds and, from July 2008 until the end of 2011, managed its flagship fund IP-Participações.
The first 12 years of my career were top-line oriented, most with P&L accountability. I started in 1992 as a consumer goods brand /sales manager and later became the strategic planning director of J. Walter Thompson, but changed gear in 2000 to become an entrepreneur. I was CEO of database marketing firm and founder of the ecommerce services firm Both were sold to strategic buyers in 2003.
I am self-taught and an inveterate reader in permanent learning mode. My formal education highlights: I majored in Economics at UFRJ (Brazil). I am a graduate of the Owner/President Management Program from the Harvard Business School and a member of the YPO and the EO organizations.

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