Umberto Mosetti
FHC, Netherlands

Umberto Mosetti Investment manager, Independent Board Member and Corporate Governance expert, combining investment banking, corporate finance/M&A, restructuring, and legal experience at international level.
Since 2013 he’s managing Partner and Cio in FHC an Investment Company investing with a “value with a catalyst” approach in European and global equities.
He previously worked for Amber Capital as Head of Italian Business and Vice Chairman of the Board and Member of the Investment Committee.
From 2001 until 2006 Mr. Mosetti worked for Deminor International as Responsible for Italy and Chairman of the Investment Committee.
Other professional experiences covered ICFA, International Corporate Finance Advisor, in Finmeccanica
ST SGS - Thomson Microelectronics, in Morgan Stanley International, in Stroock &Stroock & Lavan -New York and Consob –Rome, and more.
He wrote several articles and publications on scientific journals and on the economic and financial press (New York Times, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal).
Mr. Mosetti has a Law Degree Summa cum laude (University of Rome) and a Master in Law and Economics (Columbia University School of Law, New York).

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