Alexander Pichler
Delmo, Italy

Alexander Pichler Alexander is the CEO of DELMO, an investment holding company based in Bolzano, Italy.
DELMO is a long-term investor in public listed companies that are led by entrepreneurial business builders and have a culture of excellence. In addition DELMO invests in startups focusing on SaaS and Digital Platforms. Special interests of DELMO include the education of young people, support of scientific research and promoting entrepreneurship in society.
Alexander recently co-founded tba network, a high-profile business angel network that helps building tech-startups in the Alpine region. He works also as a supervisory board member of Invest AG für langfristige Investoren in Bonn, Germany. Prior to joining DELMO, Alexander was part of the Corporate Finance & Strategy team at McKinsey & Company. Alexander holds a summa cum laude degree in economics and finance from Università Cattolica Milano, Italy and was awarded the “Agostino Gemelli prize” for best student of class 2000.

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