Beniamino Francesco (Ciccio) Azzollini
3IP SGR s.p.a, ITALY

Beniamino Francesco (Ciccio) Azzollini Ciccio Azzollini, Co-founder and CIO of 3IP SGR s.p.a, an alternative investment fund focused on “IHQ” Italia High Quality Businesses. He graduated with honors in Business from Bari University. He has completed Executive Program Courses in Value Investing at Columbia and achieved a diploma in Portfolio Management at New York University SCPC.
He has 15 + years of industry experience, investing in listed and private companies. From 2004 to 2014 was CEO of Cattolica Partecipazioni, a regulated Italian investment company.
He founded the Value Investing Seminar in Italy in 2003 and has been profiled in numerous value investing books such as The Investment Checklist: The Art of in-Depth Resarch, The Education of a Value Investor, The Manual of Ideas and Value Investing.

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